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What’s Behind The B?

  • B Corps are businesses held to rigorous standards of social and environmental responsibility, prioritizing benefiting all stakeholders by leveraging business as a force for positive impact.

Joining The B Corp Movement

  • B Corps channel the power of business to effect meaningful societal and environmental change on a global scale, embodying a core belief in driving positive transformations throughout all facets of operations.

Our Commitment To You

  • Our commitment to you extends beyond promises; it's the cornerstone of our journey toward B Corp certification. We dedicate ourselves to enhancing the well-being of millions, ensuring health and happiness through every aspect of our operations.

Validating Our Commitment

  • From the choice of raw materials and manufacturing partners to our environmental footprint and engagement in our community.
  • Median score for all businesses who complete the assessment globally is currently 50.9 pts.
  • To achieve B Corp Certification, a company must meet a score of at least 80 points in the B Impact Assessment.
  • H&H North America received a B Corp score of 99.3 pts.

Learn more about B Corp movement: B Corp Movement

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