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Multivitamins are popular — like, really popular. In fact, over half of the United States’ population takes one every day.(1

But why multivitamins? And what are the benefits of multivitamins

The main reason for taking multivitamins is to cover any gaps in your diet (since food is full of vitamins and minerals that help you function properly). While a multivitamin isn’t a replacement for getting nutrients from food, they’re a convenient stand-in for what your diet lacks. It’s kind of like backing up your computer — you don’t plan on absolutely needing it, but it does give you peace of mind in case of any accidents or missteps. 

Since vitamins and minerals are essential to our well-being, there are a ton of potential benefits you can expect from regularly taking a multivitamin. We put together a quick-ish list of 14 (yep!) of them below. Here’s why multivitamins are good...

  1. They Help Fill in Any Nutrient Gaps.

Ok, sure, this is what we mentioned above — but it bears repeating! Multivitamins can help fill in the gaps of any nutrients you miss out on from food. This is super important because vitamins and minerals are vital to good health, and a deficiency in any one or several of them can cause minor to serious health issues. These issues include everything from fatigue and constipation to anemia and bone loss.(2)

  1. They Help Boost the Immune System.

The majority of multivitamins include vitamins A, C, E and D. These are all vital to helping you stay healthy. Vitamins C and E are also antioxidants, and they’re a key part of our overall well-being!*(3)

  1. They Assist With Strengthening Muscles.

Vitamin D is crucial to muscle function. A deficiency in it can lead to reduced muscle mass and even falls. Vitamins A, C and E are also important to muscle health. Separately, they support protein synthesis, help reverse damage from free radicals and play a key role in repairing muscle cells.(4)

  1. They Aid in Reducing Stress.

Select vitamins and minerals can help you reach a calmer state. These include all of the B vitamins, which can help lower blood levels of the homocysteine (an amino acid which is associated with stress). B vitamins are also known to help improve overall mood.(5)

  1. They Promote Increased Energy.

A huge indicator of nutrient deficiency is fatigue. A multivitamin can help you regain energy. Magnesium, folate, iron and B vitamins are essential to turning food into energy, making new red blood cells, transporting oxygen around the body and keeping your mitochondria (energy powerhouses) healthy.(6)(7)


  1.  They Assist With Healthy Brain Function.

The potential benefits of a multivitamin go beyond the physical. Omega-3 fatty acids and select B vitamins play a key role in brain health. They help slow down or completely prevent memory loss, and are essential to keeping strong communication between the brain and nerves.(8)

  1. They Help With Strengthening Bones.

Good bone health relies on getting enough calcium and vitamin D. These nutrients help keep your bones dense and strong. A lack of either of them can cause bones to become weak and brittle — sometimes leading to fractures and breaks.(9)

  1. They Support Good Eye Health. 

Certain eye conditions may be prevented or slowed down due to vitamins. Vitamin A is super important, as it helps maintain a clear cornea (the outer covering of your eye). It also helps reduce age-related macular degeneration. Vitamins E and C are also important. They’re powerful antioxidants which can help protect your eyes from free radical damage.(10)

  1. They Promote Glowing Skin.

While topical skincare is important, so is what you put inside your body. Vitamins C, D, E and K help keep your skin looking its best. Together, they create healthy cells and play a role in collagen production.(11)

  1. They Support Healthy Aging.

The older we get, the less efficient our bodily functions get — including our digestive system, which is key in absorbing nutrients from food. So it only follows that taking a multivitamin is super important, since it ensures you get a proper dose of all the vitamins and minerals you need.(12)

  1. They Help Reduce Inflammation.

A variety of vitamins play an important role in keeping inflammation down. Vitamin A can lessen inflammation by keeping the immune system in check. Vitamin C can help reduce inflammation by warding off the effects of free radicals. And vitamin D can be helpful in avoiding several inflammatory diseases.(13)

  1. They Support Healthy Growth and Development.

This one’s for the kids! Calcium, iron and vitamins A, B12, C and D are crucial to little ones reaching optimal health. Plus, multivitamins are super convenient and beneficial for picky eaters.(14)

  1. They Complement an Active Lifestyle.

Individuals with especially active lifestyles can greatly benefit from a multivitamin. It’s believed that athletes may require more nutrients than the average person, and that  intense workouts can highlight vitamin deficiencies — sometimes leading to decreased performance.(15)

  1. They Support a Healthy Pregnancy.

When you’re pregnant, not only does your body rely on getting enough vitamins and minerals but so does your baby’s. Folate, iron, vitamin D and calcium are especially important during this stage. They help promote neural tube health, support bone growth and keep blood healthy.(16)


Aside from reaping the potential benefits we just listed above, here are some specific reasons to take a multivitamin: 

-You have a poor, not well-rounded diet.

-You’re eating a lot less than usual.

-You’re incredibly busy and aren’t able to eat a balanced diet most of the time.

-You’re on a restricted diet (possibly due to a recent surgery or for self-imposed reasons). 

-You have a condition that affects your body’s ability to absorb nutrients.

-You’re always tired even though you eat a balanced diet (check with your doctor too though!).

-You have a good diet but want to maximize your health.(17)

Now, here’s the thing: All multivitamins are not created equally. Our Swisse multivitamin is packed with all of the above potential benefits AND is the perfect solution to any of the above scenarios.* Plus, it comes in separate, tailor-made formulas for men and women:

Our Men’s Multivitamin is a premium, proven formula that goes beyond supporting daily nutritional needs to assist with stamina and vitality.* Unique adaptogenic herbs, not included in other multivitamins, help ease effects of stress on the mind and body.* Clinical studies show that it helps improve mental alertness and helps increase energy levels and mood.*

Our Women’s Multivitamin is the ultimate multivitamin, and it helps provide complete nutritional support for optimal health. A single mighty tablet is packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and unique adaptogenic herbs to help support the body to maintain emotional well-being. Clinical studies show that it helps support increases in energy level and mood.*

Both formulas are full of 50+ ingredients and come in easy-to-swallow daily capsules. 

A Few Q + As

How effective are multivitamins?

This all depends on the individual and what nutrients they may currently be lacking through their diet. While a multivitamin should never be used to treat a serious condition, it acts as a great support tool in reaching optimal health. 

How important are multivitamins?

There’s no question that getting the proper amount of vitamins and minerals is essential to your health. If you’re able to get all of that from your diet, that’s great! But it’s just not realistic for a lot of people. And that’s where a great multivitamin comes in (check out ours).

Why take multivitamins?

To ensure you’re getting the nutrients you need to be the best, healthiest version of yourself!

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