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We want to talk to you about some things that are so super, they’re practically superpowers. They help fight free radicals, they boost immunity and heart health, and they make us feel like the best versions of ourselves. They even have the word “super” in their name! Ok, we know you already know—we’re talking about superfoods. 

Superfoods are nutrient-packed foods (mostly fruits, veggies and fish) that contain super high levels of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. FYI: Antioxidants can decrease the effects of harmful pesticides, cigarette smoke, pollution and more. While some superfoods are fairly easy to find, others are more difficult to regularly mix into your diet…until now.

We’ve Made it Easy—Really Easy

Our new Multivitamin + Superfood Blend adds a ton of superfoods to your daily multivitamin. It helps kick-start your energy and helps fill common nutritional gaps you may have (and it helps you get your greens in).* Also, it’s available in separate formulas for men and women, so men can expect extra muscle health support and women can expect beauty benefits to promote glowing skin and shiny hair.*

The Inside Scoop

So, which superfoods are in our blend and what do they do? We’d be happy to tell you.

Pomegranate - It’s known to help maintain healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels and support cognitive skills.

Kale - Kale can help improve circulation, maintain a stable mood and scavenge free radicals.

Matcha green tea - This will help support healthy cells from free radicals, support liver health and enhance brain function.

Acerola - It’s said to help maintain eye health, improve muscle contraction and strengthen immunity. 

Maca - Maca will support the increase of energy and endurance, help improve fertility and assist with keeping your metabolism on track.

And that's not even close to all of them. Our blend also includes ginger, milk thistle, spinach, asian ginseng, papaya, broccoli and goji berry. Also, we’ve added super important wellness ingredients like inositol, lysine, co-enzyme Q10 and lutein.

It’s Kind of Like a Tropical Getaway

We know taking vitamins isn’t the most exciting experience, but this one’s an easy-to-mix powder that tastes pretty darn dreamy. Like, tropical getaway-level dreamy. It’s a refreshing passion fruit mango flavor—and let us tell you, it adds a little pick-me-up to even the dreariest of days. It’s super easy to take too! Just add it to water smoothies, yogurt, oatmeal, etc. The possibilities are pretty much endless.

Well, we hope you learned a little bit about superfoods, and that you check out our new Multivitamin + Superfood Blend. We just know you’re going to love all its health-boosting benefits and the super way it makes you feel.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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