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Let’s be honest: this time of year can be stressful. That’s why it’s a great opportunity to help friends and loved ones beat the anxiety of the 2020 holiday season with a self-care beauty basket. A DIY beauty basket is a thoughtful homemade gift that can be put together effortlessly. We all know how exhausting it can be receiving gift baskets filled with overdone items like socks or flavored popcorn! So, we’re here to show the perfect wellness and beauty basket that won’t exceed a holiday budget and will put a genuine smile on that special someone’s face. From our one of kind face mask to Swisse Clinical Collagen + Beauty Blend for the youth gurus, you’ll find this basket will truly impress her.

The great thing about building a gift basket from scratch is that they are completely customizable with endless options. Let’s walk through the steps of how to build out this gift basket. First, pick out a basket or just use a gift bag or box; it doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy. Next, it’s time to decorate the basket a bit. Add crinkle paper, tissue paper, silk or colored ribbon, or even a flower. Tailor the colors to the specific person this will be gifted to. Now, let’s start filling it up:

Swisse Clinical Collagen + Beauty Blend

Collagen is all the rage right now, so add a little trendiness to the gift basket! Swisse Collagen helps promote smooth skin and healthy aging. Don’t send just any old collagen to your BFF - include our unique dual support blend that helps increase skin elasticity, reduces fine facial lines, and supports healthy joints for your active lifestyle. Choose between the chai tea or green tea flavor!

Swisse Ultiboost Beauty Boost Jelly

Swisse Jellies are a fun form of nutrients that aren’t simply pills, powders, or gummies. They are a much tastier way to get nutritional support. Pairing it with the Collagen and the next item will be the ultimate beauty nutrition trio for this winter!

Swisse Hair Skin Nails Liquid

The final supplement in the beauty trio: Swisse Hair Skin Nails. Treat your loved one with hair, skin, and nail goals. Who doesn’t want perfect glowy skin? Each serving contains 200mg of vitamin C, 100mg of blood orange, and 164mg of silica. She’ll be showing up at the next holiday dinner feeling festive and looking youthful.

Swisse Manuka Honey Cleansing Clay Mask

Finish off the ultimate beauty gift basket with our Swisse Manuka Honey Clay Mask. This facial mask is formulated to help calm and soothe sensitive skin. And no need to worry about whether it works on her skin type because the Manuka Honey Clay Mask is formulated for all skin types and sensitivities. Go ahead and suggest a refreshing facial date night with this one!

Self-care, beauty, and wellness are essential for 2020. With everything going on in the world right now, the gift of a little self-care will go a long way!

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