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We’ve been in quarantine for almost a year now (how?!), and health has really been at the forefront of all our minds. You’ve probably asked yourself one or more of these questions: Am I doing enough for my health? What can I do to make my health a priority? How can I get back to my pre-COVID healthy habits?

Given the stress of the times and the juggling of responsibilities, it’s not surprising many of us are falling short at getting all the nutrients we need to be our healthiest. That's where a daily multivitamin comes in! It can pick up the slack, fill in the gaps and give you some much-needed peace of mind. 

Here are some specific things multivitamins can help with:

Signs of Aging

Sure, aging is inevitable. But taking a daily multivitamin can help make the process a breeze. Why? Because as we get older our nutritional needs increase. Plus, it’s more difficult for our bodies to absorb nutrients and certain medications can even deplete them. A multivitamin can counteract these deficiencies. (Note: Multivitamins can help with preventative aging too!)

Boosted Immunity

Getting sick is the worst. We all know vitamin C is a powerhouse at strengthening the immune system — but vitamins D and E can help boost it as well. Plus, all three of them can also help support respiratory and sinus health.

Healthy Hair and Skin

Want fuller, shinier hair? Research says to take niacin, biotin and vitamin C. If healthy skin is more your thing, vitamins A, C, E and CoQ10 are your go-tos. While you could take each of these vitamins and supplements individually, a multivitamin is obviously way more convenient.

Feeling Good 

More energy! More energy! Most multivitamins include multiple vitamins from the vitamin B family, which can have a huge effect on energy production and feelings of well-being.

Less Stress 

Super stressed out lately? You’re definitely not alone. Vitamins and micronutrients play a huge role in improving your cognitive processes, and a daily multivitamin (especially one with high doses of B vitamins) can help reduce stress and promote calm.

Now, here’s the thing: All multivitamins are not created equally. Our Men’s Multivitamin and Women’s Multivitamin are packed with 50+ ingredients (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and herbs) for your optimal health. Each mighty tablet will give you the nutritional support you need today, tomorrow and in a pandemic-free future.

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