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How to Bring Out Your Natural Beauty

Following these tips can help you nurture your mind and body, through uncertain times and when normal days come back.

How to Bring Out Your Natural Beauty

These are anything but normal days. We’re eating all the wrong foods — for comfort — and spending too many hours slouching over a laptop or bouncing a toddler on our lap at a makeshift desk. 

If you’re part of the WFH collective, one thing you’re probably not doing is spending time or money on hair and makeup. My favorite cosmetic company sent me one of those Come Back to Us and Save 20% promo emails. I’m thinking when I do go back, I’ll make different choices — like buying more moisturizers and ditching those expensive concealers.

Here’s the thing: After six weeks of looking at my naked face in the mirror, the less is more look is growing on me. Natural is beautiful, right? I figure without any in-person meetings or presentations calendared, why not push the no-makeup envelope and see how my skin responds.

Here are 4 tried and true holistic skincare tips to help you get your natural look on too.


If that bad-idea pizza you ate for dinner is binding you up, drink more water. It’ll flush away the clot of cheese in your gut and restore your skin, one 8-oz. glass at a time. Water is a natural cleanser that flushes toxins and helps absorb nutrients. When you don’t get enough of it, your skin starts to dry up, dehydrate, go dull, get drab — it’s literally thirsting for a drink — stat!

Try a Lemon Water Tonic 

Squeeze juice from half a lemon into warm water — more if you like a stronger citrusy taste. The lemon helps aid digestion. While it’s not a ton of vitamin C, I still feel like drinking this daily helps brighten my skin complexion. I serve my lemon water tonic in a wine punt glass (made from a recycled wine bottle!) to make it seem like an adult beverage.



The gym may be closed for now. Yoga in a group setting might be on hold. But YouTube is bursting with exercise videos. Push the sofa to the side, fire up your Hulu and get moving. You don’t need equipment—try throwing your own body weight around. 

Exercise boosts endorphins, oxygenates the blood, increases circulation and nourishes the skin. Did you know you can help your body produce collagen just by exercising? Do I need to say more? Lace up.

OK, I do need to say more. For a lot of us, our mental and physical health are out of balance now. But sweat is an elixir, it’s healing. If you’ve been off the exercise wagon for a while, start slowly, and more importantly, do something you enjoy. We can all use more joy.


Mask Up

No, not that kind of mask. Treat your skin to a luxurious, creamy facial mask made of botanical ingredients, or a cool and clarifying Matcha Tea Mask. Swisse introduced a line of Australian Clay Masks in 2019 and, as they say in the flapjack business, they’re selling like hot cakes.

You can choose the mask that’s right for your skin type:

I know I’m not supposed to touch my face, but after I wash away the hardened Manuka Honey Mask, I run my fingers across my skin. My face feels as smooth and firm as it looks!


You are what you eat. So fuel your body with good stuff and be a healthy and vibrant WFH warrior. Take care of your skin by eating well; it’s your body’s biggest organ and plays a big role in keeping you healthy.

Fill your plate with healthy omega-3s that help repair damaged skin and maintain moisture. Your skin will look plump and hydrated when you include plenty of these foods in your diet:

  • Organic Olive Oil
  • Walnuts
  • Flax Seeds
  • Wild Salmon
  • Avocados
  • Eggs
  • Sardines
  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • Coconut Oil
  • Green Leafy Vegetables

Following these tips can help you nurture your mind and body, through uncertain times and when normal days come back. Here’s to a naturally beautiful, healthier and happier you and me.

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