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How Does Swisse Source Its Premium Cranberry?

Swisse partners with farmers in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, to source and harvest cranberries for its premium high strength cranberry product.

How Does Swisse Source Its Premium Cranberry?

Swisse Ultiboost High Strength Cranberry is one of the most popular cranberry nutritional supplements in the world. Swisse sources most of the premium cranberries that go in its high-demand supplement from the Cape Cod region of Massachusetts, where cranberries grow abundantly. The region has had the same families oversee many farms for more than one hundred years.

Watch this video to learn how Swisse yields the full benefits of the fruit for its premium High Strength Cranberry products.

Steps for Harvesting Cranberries

Getting a cranberry crop to bear fruit is no simple task. It requires the most delicate balance of seasons and science. The fields where the vines grow must contain highly acidic soil. The farms themselves must be set up in such a way as to make the methods of harvesting efficient. The wet harvesting requires the fields – known as cranberry bogs – to be flooded and drained efficiently.

In spring, when the bogs are drained, the blossoms will appear for bees to pollinate.

By mid-summer, the petals fall from the flowers, leaving tiny green nodes that eventually turn into cranberries.

Fall is harvest season and from September to mid-November the bogs are flooded again so the fruit floating on top of the water can be harvested. The farmers comb the berries off the vine, receiving a large volume of fresh berries from the surface of the water.

In winter, the bogs remain flooded with water, which freezes and insulates the vines from frost. This provides the crop with the coolness it craves, plus a degree of protection so the cycle can repeat itself.

Swisse Cranberry

Swisse Ultiboost High Strength Cranberry is a premium and unique product. Each capsule containing equivalent to 25 grams of pure cranberry fruit. Swisse Cranberry has a distinct advantage as it uses Pacran, a registered ingredient that is exclusive to Swisse in Australia.

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